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Victim Support

Meeting and presenting to Victim Support

Wonderful meeting and presentation given to Victim Support (VS) about Kroma and how the LGBT+ community is supported when they are affected by discrimination, such as hate crimes.  Discussion was made about what staff and volunteers need to be aware of, when speaking to any of us. They realise and already implement the importance of speaking using appropriate pronouns and using the name you provide, so are very inclusive.

There is now a collaboration between us, to support individuals who are victims of any crime, but specifically hate crime.

Already, there has been a reason to refer someone to VS for advice and support as a result of intolerant neighbours. The local VS covers Hampshire and the Isle of Wight for us but they are also available around the country, so you can obtain support wherever you go and experience any form of discrimination.

So if you need support for any crime contact Victim Support on tel: 02380 240 616

Information leaflets available from Victim Support

Hate Crime               Rape and sexual assault info for men         Rape and sexual assault info for women


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