QueerBio.Com Newsletter – June 25th, 2018

QueerBio.Com NewsletterJune 25th, 2018
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Political Correspondents and Commentators Who Identify as LGBTQ

Political correspondents and commentators are knowledgeable individuals who provide critique and insight into both political operations and outcomes. Their ability to do so can come from practical experience in politics, governance, or academia. Success requires strong analytical skills combined with communication skills. The profession includes the ability to competently present personal opinion on political matters through a carefully crafted media or other communication strategy.

Technology, and particularly the growth of social media such as Twitter, have greatly aided the expansion of the profession and its reach. Technology allows those with a particular point of view to share it with others.

The insight provided by political correspondents and commentators leads to greater public awareness and interpretation of political policy at a minimum, or it leads to changes in policy.

Having high profile and respected LGBTQ political correspondents and commentators is important because many of the issues faced by the LGBTQ community are political. Though the role is often seen as a trade-off between bias or partisanship and constructive criticism, there is a definite need to ensure that a minority community’s perspective and lived experience is included in the discussion.

There is a number of such respected LGBTQ individuals around the world. Some are media personalities, such as Jaime Watt of Canada or Rachel Maddow of the United States. Others are newspaper contributors and journalists, such as Owen Jones of Great Britain. A large number are long-time LGBTQ activists, including Americans Larry Kramer and Tammy Bruce. Some have been considered adversaries of the established political powers, including Khudoberdi Nurmatov of Russia and Ruslan Sharipov of Uzbekistan. They have all had a material impact on important political issues in society.

We have found prominent political commentators and correspondents who identify as LGBTQ from Canada, Great Britain, Israel, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, the United States, Uruguay, and Uzbekistan.

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Sample of New LGBTQ Biographies Added

Nir Rotenberg, Israel – Professional Wrestler. READ MORE
Shaun Edwards, Australia – Indigenous Fashion Designer. READ MORE
Jordy Rosenberg, United States – Transgender Professor of 18th-Century Literature and Queer/Trans + Critical Theory. READ MORE

Fletcher DeLancey, United States – Science Fiction and Lesbian Novel author. READ MORE

Alan Polchies Jr, Canada – First Nations Chief. READ MORE
Gayle Salamon, United States – Professor of English and Gender and Sexuality Studies. READ MORE

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