There is no need to be alone…

There is no need to be alone

Really, there is no need to be alone…

  • Come and have coffee (or whatever you prefer) with us and chat.
  • You are welcome to just sit and say nothing,
  • come along with someone you know to start with.
  • We discuss anything and everything, within reason.

How does ‘not being alone’ help me?

Sitting among friends and people who are (LGBT+) lesbian, gay, bi, trans, undecided, gender fluid, non-binary, alternative, straight, ally helps to:

  • improve your well-being,
  • reduce anxiety levels,
  • improve your individual mental health in general,
  • develop new friendships
  • provide a network of support
  • discuss issues that you have with those that can help
  • plus much more

We are people who understand what you are going through as we have been there before or are still going through it.

For more information on where we are and when we meet click here


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