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Links to sites for support / social groups / news:

If you are aware of other sites within the south or nationally that we have not listed, please contact us.

Basement Boys  FTM

Peer-to-peer FTM (female-to-male) trans support group.

Email: for more information.

Beaumont Society

The Beaumont Society is a national self help body run by and for those who cross-dress or are trans-sexual. We welcome all transgender people and their partners, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, creed or colour, and all varieties from nervous new transgender people to those who are experienced and confident in their correct gender.


Gender Identity Issues charity, with specific focus on transitioning trans* adults. Regular meetings, support group for partners and close relatives of trans* people in Hampshire.

Tel: 01489 589111 (24hr Answerphone)

*trans refers to transgender in this instance

The Clare Project

Based in Brighton, The Clare Project Drop-in offers a supportive & confidential safe space where people can meet to talk about themselves and their experiences.

They operate a closed group on Facebook – search Clare Project

Gender Construction Kit

The UK guide to changing things that are linked to gender.

They also offer information about ways to change head hairfacial hairbody hairupper bodylower bodymusclesface,eyeshandsvoicefragrancemoodfertilitymenstruationlibidoid documentslegal and financialmedical documents, and guides to choosing namespronounstitles, and identities.

Mayflower Society

Support and social group for trans people and their friends and families, including ‘other halfs’ partner support. Monthly disco in Totton, T@home afternoons (tea, cake and friendly chat afternoons for trans people) in Southampton.


Transgender Zone

Since 1998 Transgender Zone has been supporting those who feel they are confused about their gender, those who are looking for support for someone who is transgender, and health and social care professionals, broadcast media and lay people who want to learn more about the subject.

We work to educate those who are living with gender dysphoria and increase awareness about this and other gender identity issues.


A support page on Facebook. This is a closed group – search Transiness on Facebook

Transsexual Road Map

Transsexual Road Map is a travel guide to transsexual transition, intended to help you set priorities and choose your route.It’s about making informed purchasing decisions and setting realistic, achievable transition goals.