Emotional Health

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Our emotions are affected by many things. Below are a few that can cause negative reactions to our emotional wellbeing

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Suicide

1 in 4 of the population has some form of mental health condition right now. But not everyone shows it in public.

Find out some strategies or where you can obtain further support.

Domestic Abuse

If you are in a same-sex relationship where you are receiving emotional or physical abuse then there are various organisations around Hampshire that can help you.

Body Image

Within the gay community, many men feel as if their body is not good enough for others to find attractive.

Sometimes this can lead to other disorders and requires support.


Struggling to cope with bills and are left with little or no money to survive?

Find out what you can do and who can support you

Alcohol, Recreational Drugs, Smoking

Coping mechanisms for dealing with discrimination are one cause for higher uses of alcohol, drugs and smoking. Another is general use for sexual encounters amongst gay / bisexual men.

There comes a time when you realise that enough is enough

Find out strategies you can use to reduce or stop or where you can find further support.

Combat Stress and PTSD

If you serve or have served your country, as a Regular or as a Reservist, then there are specialist organisations available to help.


Do you often feel overweight when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Do you or someone you know think they may have an eating disorder?

Here are some guidelines and organisations that can help you


Are you aware that you can be more at risk from certain cancers just for being LGBT+

Find out what these are and how you can be supported


Where can you go when you need to discuss any form of grief or bereavement


On top of the discrimination for being LGBT you then get the added discrimination for being disabled not from the general public but from the LGBT+ communities themselves.

So what can we do to support you?


BAME and LGBT+ ?

What support is there for you?