Mental and Emotional Health

Low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, long-term health conditions, stress, work-load, pressures….

The list is endless for every day concerns but being LGBT+ means that on top of that, we have our own issues do deal with…

  • coming out to ourselves,
  • coming out to our friends,
  • coming out to our family,
  • coming out to work colleagues,
  • transitioning,
  • having to listen to snide remarks about who we are,
  • bullying,
  • hate crime…

Have a listen to some of the podcasts from Men Talk Health below. They are funny but also cover serious points. Not everything they say will work for you.

Spiritual Health has good tips on how to focus on yourself through mindfulness.

If you are low, please ensure you have spoken with your GP, if not make an appointment NOW.

In the mean time:

NHS Live Well pages may help

Mind – Information & Support

Samaritans – 24/7 

If things seem really bad find someone to listen to you – family, friends or the Samaritans.

CALL Samaritans

Free to call

mental emotional health
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