Improving the Experience of Carers at QA Hospital – Carers Cafe Next Steps – HELP NEEDED!

Dear All

Many of you will know that we have been providing a Carers Café for family carers for some time, and now is the time for a review and refresh, to help us meet the needs of as many carers for information and support.

We need your help in seeking the views of as many carers as possible to help us make sure that whatever changes we make are based on what really matters most to carers. One of the ways we are doing this is by using a web based survey, this will add to the feedback we have directly from people who have used the café.

We would really appreciate your support in sending out the link below to as many of your contacts in the carer community as possible, encouraging people to provide us with feedback.

We hope to be inundated with thoughts and ideas about how we can do things differently, better or just more J

Kind regards


Sarah Balchin

Head of Patient Experience

QA Hospital

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