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Bespoke Beauty are based in Portsmouth and offer a service to the Trans community, as well as to the general public. But are aware that many in the community need a safe and understanding place to go.

We have a range of clientele from all walks of life and are completely open-minded. We appreciate that for some people who are transitioning, discretion and privacy is paramount, so we allocate generous appointment slots for our clients meaning that no one ever has to be left in a busy waiting room.  When discussing topics that may require sensitivity our ethos is to give every client as much time as they need to fully understand the treatment options available to them and we pride ourselves on the fact that no one ever feels rushed.

Here at Bespoke Beauty we have clinic days and evenings where we offer Electrolysis, Permanent Hair/ Beard Removal, Semi-permanent Makeup (a type of very light natural looking tattooing) or Medical Scalp or Areola pigmentation. To enhance and shape the Brows, Lips, and Eye liner, or as an alternative, Micro blading, (similar to Semi permanent method except application is different) only for the Brows, we also do Lash & Brow tinting. Lash Lifting, Tattoo removal, & Make up advice, Waxing, Also Hair and Wig advice

Please note Kroma does not endorse the business but is making the community aware of a service that is available

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