Everyone's wellbeing is important to us - through:


Awareness is about educating ourselves and others, through our understanding of our emotional, sexual and spiritual health and wellbeing. From reducing isolation to the tools that are used to combat daily struggles.

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There are a variety of activities, events, groups, movies, prides, sports and more, that we can be involved in. Another way to help our wellbeing and show that we are part of humanity.

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Sometimes we need information so we can support ourselves and others. Whether this is to support our coming out or transition, find out about hate crimes or how we can support asylum seekers.

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Report Hate Crime

Ways in which you can report any type of hate crime that you have witnessed or experienced. If it is still happening and you are in danger dial 999


Where and when we meetup around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Under 18

A parent and need to find a LGBT+ youth group, a child who has a LGBT+ parent, or just parental support